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I would like your opinion on the following setup that i have now. I want to know if i will be able to play battlefield 4 on medium-high settings and especially 64 players multiplayer with this CPU.

CPU: AMD Phenom II 720 BE - overclocked to 3.4Ghz by increasing multiplier to 17
Motherboard: Asus M4A78T-E
RAM: Corsair 4GB - Dual channel DDR3-1333
HDD: Seagate 1TB 7200 rpm
PSU: PC Power & Cooling 420W
GPU: AMD HD 4670 - planning to upgrade soon to AMD 7850
Case: Antec One
CPU Cooler: Coolermaster Hyper TX3 EVO

Will my CPU be a serious bottleneck to AMD 7850? I thought to upgrade the CPU to FX-6300 but unfortunately my motherboard does not support it.

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  1. There will definitely be a bottleneck. However, I think you will be able to reach playable FPS on modest settings but will experience lag spikes. I would recommend an octa core FX CPU or an i5. Anything lower than that, wouldn't be very powerful for multiplayer gaming.
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    There will indeed be a bottleneck, but you can look around for a replacement cpu rather than replacing the motherboard too. The 965 BE wont bottleneck any card until the 7970, and it is an AM3 socket type. I picked mine up for 80 bucks 5 months ago, so it is a cheap solution to an expensive problem. The next step above that would be the FX 6300, then the FX 8350. Those are the 3 choices, just a new cpu, which will do what you need it to, or new motherboard with one of the 2 processors.
  3. I think i may buy a 965BE so as to avoid buying a new motherboard. With 720BE and my current GPU i managed to play CoD Black Ops II single player with playable frame rates. Of course BF3 and BF4 multiplayer need a good CPU. AMD 965 BE were discontinued. Aren't they? Do you know where can i buy online this CPU, used or new. Because it seems that it's difficult to find one now. By the way, do you think that an intel i3 haswell is a bad idea?
  4. This is the one I found. its a bit more than before it was discontinued. As for the i3 its not really worth it as you need a new board, at that point you can get the 6300.
  5. I think i'll go for the 965BE. As for the GPU, i saw that you have HD 7750. What's the gaming performance of it in new games. Should i go with 7770, 7850 or nvidia 650ti?
  6. It does alright, I can run Starcraft 2 maxed out. If you have the money get the 7850. As the 7750 is hardly considered gaming.
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