What would you do? Future proofing question.

I decided to build my first PC for music production, gaming, light video/image editing, web surfing, and fairly heavy multitasking. I had the chance to snipe an i7 4770K on Ebay for a really good deal, so I took the shot. It's the first part I have bought besides the case and peripherals.

Now I'm kind of wishing I went with an i7 3820 instead for 2011 socket futureproofing. I refuse to pay 500$ for the i7 3930K.

Should I:
A: Keep the i7 4770K and continue building the PC.
B: Flip the i7 4770K & make about 20$ in the process. Buy a 3820 with high end mobo, and ride the wave until Ivy Bridge-E.

Thanks in advance.
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    well i would keep the 4770 since there is a possibility that ivybridge e will not be compatible with the current generation of mobos. not to mention you will save money overall by going with the 4770 and that should take you 5 years or so before it becomes noticeably slower than new parts for the things you are doing.
  2. i will go with 4770K

    enough for your need
    no need to wait
  3. You're right, I didn't take into consideration that current mobos might not even be compatible. I'm keeping the 4770K. Thanks fellas.
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