Please Help Monitor (and sound) go black after a while (Upgrade gone wrong)

So I took this computer:
And started upgrading it. I bought a new rosewill capstone 550 watt power supply, and took out the old processor and slipped in a e8400 alnog with a new cpu HSF from newegg that is supposed to be pretty good.. Still running good. Got a 240 gig corsair neutron GTX SSD, and loaded windows 7 on it. Running good. Installed a saphire HD 7870 video card. Still running great. In fact, it is running skyrim fantastic! A week goes by, and now out of the blue, screen just goes completely black, monitor shuts down as if I pulled the video cable out. Also, a good clue, the sound cut out (using on board audio).
No key presses, ctrl alt delete, nothing will get the computer to come out of the dead state until I turn off the power supply and reboot.
Sometime ago, an issue popped up forcing me to buy a cheapie video (8400 nvidea) card to make things work. I wish now I could remember what happened, but it was a couple years ago.

Is there any utility I can use to find the GPU temps?
Is there any utility I can use to find the CPU temps?

I figure it can be one of many things: memory, motherboard, my new video card, my new power supply, or the e8400 processor from ebay.

Where should I start?

I feel like throwing in the towel and ordering up a new copy of win 7, an I7, MB and ram. But I do have a daughter in school, and it may be a bit impracticable.
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  2. Wow, that could be it!

    Me thinks I shall be talking to newegg soon! Thanks!
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