What monitor, mouse and keyboard should i get for about £150?

Im building a pc and still need to decide a monitor mouse and keyboard. My build so far is http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1Ix2o
and i want to keep the budget under £750. The monitor will be the priority and needs to be 1080p, 23inch and IPS. Ill be using the pc for gaming and photoshop. thanks! :)
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  1. I am not sure you will get what you want for that price.. This is the cheapest monitor I could find of a brand I would trust to match your specs that has a low enough response time to be used for gaming. Its within budget but it leaves no money for a mouse and keyboard.


    As for a good, reliable cheap keyboard, this is what I have been using for the past year and a half with no complaints.


    I have heard good things about this mouse..


    Personally if I needed a new mouse though I would get this one..

  2. Yeah, I would trust that monitor. That particular model was not available on the site I was using the browse monitors, or I would have suggested it.
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