Memory usage high at 77% at startup

I just bought an Asus UX32VD ultrabook with 4GB ram 2 weeks ago. I don't have much software installed since I bought it, but its already starting to give me problems. The memory usage is extremely high already ~80% with just Google Chrome running. I have never encountered problems like this before and am admittedly clueless about how to fix this. I am currently using Windows 8.

Also, it might be worth mentioning that I went straight to downloading and installing all updates from Windows Update when I first started the laptop up. I don't recall it being slow prior to that, but then again I didn't have anything else running then.

Here is a screenshot of what the task manager says about the processes.
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  1. The same crappy high memory usage problem over and over again! Why don't you trust the windows memory controller? Since Vista it does a very good job and makes sure you will never run out of memory. Or have you ever seen the "out of memory" message lately?
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