Gaming Build To Run Next-Gen Games On Ultra

I am building Gaming rig Which Can Run Next_gen Games On ultra With 1280x1024 resolution(without AA/AF) To play Games On min 30 fps (until 2017)..

and i am going to build it next year(2014)

Are these specs Are good.....

Cpu: Core i5-3570k 3.4 ghz overclocked to 4.20 ghz

Mobo: Asrock Extreme4 Z77

Gpu: Gtx 760 (Can Upgrade to sli in future)
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  1. Nobody can tell you what games will require in 4 will play games well right now and the near future, but you shouldn't expect to get that kind of future-proofing.

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    For a build in 2014, you're already starting out with a 2 year old CPU.

    Wait until next year to spec out specific parts.
  3. atleast start with a 680 or 780. 760 is good but future proof like in 5years i dunno man
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