Sell gtx680 4gb and get a gtx780 or get another gtx680

Hi guys,

I'm getting worried about the next gen games and the kind of card I should get to run them at high settings, I own a gtx680 4gb and have 3 monitors that I use for gaming.

my system specs are:

Processor: i7-3770k
RAM: 12Gb
GPU: gtx680 4gb
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  1. Well...SLI GTX 680 will be quite a bit better in performance than a single 780. So I'd do that.

    In general you want the single best card you can afford, but with already having a 680, might as well double up.
  2. If you have the PSU for it nothing wrong with SLI the GTX680, almost the same as having 2 x GTX770 in SLI.
  3. PSU make and model?
  4. Thank you for all your replies,

    I have a Corsair Enthusiast Series 850w TX850

    Will that be enough for two gtx680??

    So a friend suggested that if I choose going for SLI, then I would get into a lot of trouble with games compatibility and that there's even a risk some games will have worse performance than with a single card. So he told me to save up the trouble and just sell my gtx680 and go for a gtx780

    how big is that risk?

    I'm not sure if this is a dumb question, but I'm new to pc and I used to play on consoles before.
  5. Yes that will do for SLI and your friend is mostly wrong there have basically not been any issues with GTX680 SLI setups.
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    Your friend is somewhat right, but less than 5% of all games have problems like the ones he mentioned. In the worst case scenario, just disable SLI. Go for it, you won't regret it.
  7. Will do, thanks for your help :)
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