Help me with my build & OS transfer??

Quote: my build ( add 8gb ram of your choice under $70 preferably 4gb x 2)

1.Things I need to have: the radeon 7950, and the 8350.
Other than that make changes as you want and I'll take any advice.

2. The issue at the moment is os. I have a laptop, and it has a modest 500gb hdd that I want to reuse. Would I be able to keep the windows 7 on it and save myself the trouble of having to buy another hdd right now as well as another copy of windows 7? It came installed so no code or anything.

3. Any experience with the radeon 7950? Good card? Specifically, is there anyone with experience with the FX-8350 and the 7950 together?

4. ( noob alert) will the FX-8350 bottleneck my radeon 7950 at all?

5. How can I make this build cheaper without sacrificing performance?!

Any and all constructive feedback is appreciated.
Thank you for your help!
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  1. Heya MrKevinSweet.

    Here is what you do with the OS part.

    1: Download Speccy from . Once Downloaded and installed. Start the program and go under "Operating System" and view your key there (Your key is shown after the "Serial Number:" text) and if your system is a home edition or Pro

    2: Download a new ISO file with the correct Windows version based around your Windows-key(Home edition or pro). Download I from here: . Under the "Windows 7 ISO download links:" text. Those ISO's are 100% clean and contains no preinstalled keys and there by perfect for reinstalling your PC. But they only come in english version (But that we can change later on). If you are using more than 4GB of ram chose a 64bit version or just chose it anyway.

    3: Either burn the ISO onto a DVD or use Microsoft’s USB install from:

    4: Install Windows again (Don't! type in your key just yet) wait until you have complete the Windows installation 100%. To activate your key. Right click on "Computer" in the stat menu, then properties and scroll down to the bottom. If it say the key have already been used. Use the telephone-thingy (Can’t remember the correct name of it) Anyway. It will tell you to call a number and type in a line of numbers that is shown on your screen. When that is done. You can start changing the default language

    5: To change the langue go to: and download the language pack for your system and the Vistalizator program. Remember to pick the correct pack. (Service Pack and if your system is a 32 or 64bit)
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