Brand new mSATA SSD for toshiba ultra book, unable to re-install windows 7

Okay so here's the story...

So one random day my computer went black screen and had an "unable to detect media" error. I was unable to access windows or anything, even in safe mode. The only thing I could do was open up the BIOS, which DID NOT detect any SSD. So I figured I needed a new one, so I ordered one, and just installed it. The BIOS now recognizes that there is a SSD installed. However, I'm clueless on how to reinstall windows. If I set boot priority to the SSD, I will still get the media error and be stuck. If I set the boot priority to a USB drive that contains the windows 7 installation drivers (downloaded from that rivernet site legally), then the windows 7 installation opens up but is unable to recognize any drivers for installation. I'm now stuck and frustrated on how to get my PC working again. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. laptop model number? Do you know if the SSD is set for IDE, Raid, or ACHI? Need more details
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