7970 and fx 6300 or i5 4560k and 7950 help me ?

Tell me why I should decide on one or another
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  1. i5 4560k + 7950

    i5 Faster more stable & better performance on most games,applications.

    7950 10-15% less performance then the 7970, & about 100$ cheaper .

    + you get allot of usb 3.0 on the 1150 mobo and it's new tech .
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    Well thats not what hes asking is it, he can only afford the intel 7950 combo or the AMD 7970 combo, Also you get alot of USB 3 on AMD 990FX boards too,

    What id say is try for the FX8350 and 7970 which is cheaper than the intel equivalent.

    Use this board

    $120 from new egg after rebate add the fx8350 to this and you should be able to afford the 7970 which makes for a great combo.
  3. my bad i meant i5 + 7950*
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