are z68 motherboards the same size as z87 ?

I am looking into upgrading to a new mobo / processor,
I have my eyes set on a gigabyte mobo and the new gen of i7 processors. I play planetside 2 and while they are trying to optimize it, I still get low frames (10fps) during large fights. as an mlg level competitor I need to have better. My crossfire setup is bottlenecked by my current mobo as well, so the upgrade will jump my performance up significantly.

I currently have a z8 gigabyte mobo and i5 processor, I want a gigabyte z87 and i7. I have a thermal take tower. will the new g-mobo and i7 fit into/onto the same fittings. or do I need a new tower ?

im getting a ssd for my online games .
thx for any help you can provide.
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  1. be specific on the mobo model number and case name
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    Mobos are ATX, ITX or Mini-ITX size. That has nothing to do with the chipset. And no, the mobo upgrade will not jump your performance significantly.
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