nVidia GT 750m DDR3 and GT 750m DDR5??

Hey guys , i was wondering if there are 2 versions of 750m...cause i am bying a new is there a DDR3 version and a DDR5 ?? how much difference ?? DDR3 worth it or go with 740m ddr5 ??
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    GDDR5 is pretty much the only option if you want to game. DDR3 sucks for GPUs.
  2. ok so i have an older 6770m ddr5 gpu....u mean it will beat the 750 ddr3 ?;)
  3. Maybe, maybe not. But, if you have to pick between the two, I'd go with ddr5 any day, even the the 740m has more raw power, the memory would hurt the performance.
  4. ok m8 thnx a lot :)
  5. Johnsons Shampoo said:
    ok m8 thnx a lot :)

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