Need help finding a new motherboard and ram to support my current system..

Hi there community,

I have a pretty dated computer and my computer knowledge is pretty limited.

cpu: Core 2 Quad Q9400
motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G
psu: IM ATX W/12CM FAN,450W SATA*1
video card: POWERCOLOR 5850 1GB PCIE GAME
ram: STT DDR2-667 2G/64X8 (x4)

The PCI Express x16 slot recently gave out on me. I know this because I thought it might have been the video card so I tested a different one on it (a Sapphire Radeon HD6570) and it did not work. The Powercolor 5850 video card would just run the fan at high speed when I booted up and stay at that speed. Before it would rev up to high speed then slowdown as the computer booted. I hear a beep when I turn on the computer so I believe it is booting up correctly, its just that I am unable to see anything on the monitor.

So the question I have is that since the motherboard is pretty out of date but everything else is working fairly well, what is the current best deal I can buy a motherboard for that is still compatible with everything I already have besides the RAM? I am aware that I will have to buy new RAM if I get a new motherboard.

I would really appreciate any help you guys can give me.

Thank you
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    I personally have upgraded a couple aging systems with core 2 duo's to this motherboard and for the ram since this motherboard has ddr3 This motherboard is simply amazing for any core 2 upgrade I love it, overclocks great even with a stock cooler performs amazingly and is super durable and the amount of time these boards last is great. I would also recommend that you upgrade your power supply since judging by your system is more then over its due date. Right now this power supply that at retail is about 45 bucks now is about 20 on tiger
  2. Thank you so much pie. That was really helpful.
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  4. just click the pick as solution thing on my first message
  5. you can also contact me through a pm on here if you have any questions before or after your purchase
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    I can't change the post type to question instead of discussion so I can't chose your answer at the best one. Can Mod. fix this for me?
  7. it's fine I don't really care about that kind of stuff anyways to be honest thanks for trying
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