How do you find out what port a phone app uses on your router?

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  1. That is strange that you cannot see it.

    You likely could block everything run the program and see what the router say it blocked. If nobody has said much about allowing ports for the game it more than likely just runs over the standard port 80. If the IP is fixed for the site you should be able to block it. opendns would get the name but that is easy to least on a pc not sure about android.
  2. I believe wireshark should record port information by default for each packet, as that is an essential piece of information in the destination/source fields. Have you tried playing around with the display filters? If I recall, wireshark does not have a column specifically for "Ports", but rather lists the port under the "Information column" in some manner.

    Either way, I would be happy to take a look at a sampling of the traffic if you would like. There should be no confidential information in the data as long as no actions were being processed on your network at the time. For example sending an email at the same time as your daughter was playing the game. We can narrow this down one step further and filter only the packets coming to/going from the IP address associated with the phone if you are able to obtain that. Best of luck with your efforts though, wish more parents were aware of the dangers that exist online these days.
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