Lenovo Y400 possible SSD issues

Hi, I own a Lenovo Y400 with a 16GB Sandisk U100 SSD pre-loaded with Windows 8 from Lenovo.

Since last month I am told by the system that my hard disk drive may be faulty and I need to back up my data and prevent using the computer until my HDD is fixed.

I also got a "Risky" status on my Intel Rapid Storage Technology software embedded into my Windows. I tried to suprress it a few times but it come out again eventually.

Some details:
- Starting about 3 weeks ago, the computer can't be turned off properly, after I turn off (hovering my mouse to the right hand side of the monitor and click shut off), it will just give me a black screen but my computer didn't shut off totally (the led on my keyboard is still on) and this happened quite a few times. Anyway since I had a desktop I usually work on desktop but when I'm travelling I will use the laptop.
- Everytime it happened, I tried to "hard reset" the computer (pressing the power button for several seconds until the system shut off)
- I tried to back up my data using the windows back up, it stuck at 97% for like 6 hours and I thought something was not right.
- I also tried to create a system recovery disk but the "Please Wait" screen has been loading for like 2 hours without moving at all
- I already manually back up ("Copy & Paste all my documents, musics, videos, etc" to my hdd) since the auto back up won't work.
- I already call Lenovo Customer Service but they are notoriously slow and they inform me to back up my computer first before I reset the laptop

Any idea how can I check if my SSD is faulty? I was thinking to reinstall my Windows 8 but since I wasn't provided with Win8 recovery disk or whatsoever during purchase and I can't even make a recovery disk, what can I do for my issue?

Thanks a lot for your help!
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  1. How long have you owned it? Seems like a warranty issue...
  2. ACTechy said:
    How long have you owned it? Seems like a warranty issue...

    Less than a year, it's still under warranty. Anyway thanks for the response.

    - A few hours ago my Intel Rapid Storage Technology failed to detect my SSD. I tried to reset my computer and it still able boot into Windows which means the SSD is still sucessfully accessed. I tried to open my computer and I can still also see my SSD Drive.
    - When I let my computer on for some time, it can suddenly restart by itself and the following "Your PC ran into a problem" details appear after logging in to Windows after the restart:
    Files that will be sent to Microsoft:

    I already contacted Lenovo and they ask me to ship the computer back to them for repair since it is still covered by warranty.

    I was just curious what possibly happened with my laptop? My warranty will expire in 2 months time, I was offered by them to extend my warranty, I'm just thinking if it will be worth to extend it / spend the money to buy an SSD and install it myself later on if this thing happen again in the future.
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    I'm not sure what the problem was, something corrupted on the drive, sounds like. Hard to tell. Might be worth extended warranty for peace of mind.
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