Battlefield 3 drop fps in loud near explosions , Any help ? i play on 1600x 900 medium to high settings

i downloaded msi afterburner can someone help to overclock(and how much ) maybe it can improve my fps a bit

My rig : intel core i3 3210 3.2ghz
4gb of ddr3 ram 1333 mhz
thermartake 430w
thermeltake v3 case
Msi gtx 650 ti
1tb seagate
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  1. I would disagree with the above post; the 650Ti is just as fast as a Nvidia GTX560, which I am almost 100% positive is the recommended card on the system requirements list for BF3.

    You might just want to lower the settings though. Your card should be able to handle it on high. I was able to handle it on high with my slower GTX460 256-bit with my AMD 965BE. Both of which are slower than what you have currently.
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