Hooking laptop up to 32" TV need help

I am trying to Hook up my Laptop to my 32" TV I have had my desktop setup like this for a very long time with the same TV and a computer monitor, but when I hook my laptop up to it I have the dual screen but the TV just looks really bad am I doing something wrong??
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  1. I think its 1920x1080 for the laptop and im trying to do a extended screen, I have that working it just seems like the resolution is off and im not sure what is the best to set it at. I plan on having videos/other things playing on the laptop screen and use the TV as the screen I play games on.

    Hope that clarified things if you need more info let me know thanks for the help in advance.
  2. My TV is 720p it is 1360 by 768 True Color 32bit 60 Hertz that is the highest it goes. And the Laptop is 1920 x 1080 True Color 32bit 59 Hertz is the highest that goes. I guess the main problem is most games I go into like BF3, Diablo 3 they open up but go a little bit into the laptop screen.
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