Need help deciding cpu/mobo combo z87 or z77...

I cant decide between the two, asus z87-a with i5-4670k or the Asus P8Z77-pro with i5-3670k.

I know they are pros and cons for both but idk which sets of pros and cons will be better for me.

I know the price is a little dif, the z77 board is more, but the z87 board offers more i feel. I just cant decide between IB and Haswell... I need to know which is better for gaming/CAD/overclcoking and which bring more to the table in general..

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  1. Overall the Haswell is just a bit faster, also runs hotter, so the IB (Z77) generally OCs better - if OCing, it ends up being a wash (maybe a =/- 3-5% advantage which can swing either way depending on the individual CPU you get (take 10 4670K and maybe only 1 will hit 4.8, and another 4.7, and a couple 4.6, etc - never know what you'll get) - if price is playing in might look to the 3570K and get a ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 (best selling, best rated at the Egg (also it's the one I'm running), combined looking at $335 which is less than a comparable Haswell combo, the extra can be fed into a better GPU or other component
  2. I know IB is better for OCing than Haswell. But ill be doing more than that, what about the z87 mobos? they offer more advanced fetures. Also its the newer socket, which will be built off in the future. From all aspects Which is overall better for my uses? lol thanks
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    The 1150 is supposedly going tto support Broadwell for desktop which is up in the air right now, the Haswells may be the end of the line for the 1150, as rumors have it now that Intel will go straight to Skylake, even if their is a Bradwell line (last predicted for 1st quarter 2015), there will be a new chipset for it and DDR4 will be out, so most anyone that goes to Broadwell will also get a new mobo, either way the 1155 mobos and current 1150s will basically be out of date come the next desktop CPUs
  4. They are both very good and capable CPU's. The best way to go as I see it at this time is go with the one that has the lowest over all cost.

    The only real advantage with 1150 based CPU's is better performance with the igpu. But if you are using a dedicated GPU that makes that advantage null and void really. So go with the one that will cost less and build the rest of your rig around that. Personally I feel the 1155 still has enough life left in it to make a really great gaming rig still. The i5 3570K is still one of the best gaming CPU that intel makes.

    Comparing my i5 3570K rig with my friends i5 4670K I could not see much of a difference what so ever. Other than I really like what Asus did with the Z87 Sabertooth compared to the Z77 Sabertooth. It is really a very nice board. We both have the same amount/make/model Ram GPU's and such. So there is enough the same to compare performance wise.

    In games that we have benched both rigs were really head to head performance wise. Were we did see any performance gain with the 1150 it was only maybe one or two frames at the most. All test were done with 3 Asus 27" monitors at 5760x1080 with in game setting the same on both rigs.

    There is no reason at all that a 1155 based rig can not get one though the next gen gaming with no problems at all. Plus it seems to be up in the air as to if we will be able to use Broadwell with 1150 or not. So I would rather wait it out and see what is going to happen on down the road at that time.
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