Getting sound to come from TV as 2nd PC display using HDMI mini

I currently have a gtx 560ti with dual monitor setup. One is a 37' vizio TV though and I'm using the hdmi mini to hdmi cable to display on the TV. Is there any way I can get the audio to play through the TV rather than my computer speakers?
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    If you go to Control Panel and then to Sound it will list play back devices. You should see either your TV or Video card listed in there or it may just be listed as HDMI. Click on it and select as Default Device. That should fix your issue :)
  2. Well it lead me in the right direction! It actually had disabled devices hidden so I wasn't given the option. Just clicked around and enabled showing disabled devices and the TV was one of them. Solved!
  3. for some reason i plugged in a hdmi cable "cost around $20" and what i found is that when i changed my resolution of my 2nd monitor (flat screen tv) to a lower number of pixels/resolution in the settings on my 1st monitor (hp 2013 laptop) so it says (laptop resolution 1366 x 768) and (Sony-tv 1280 x 720). i have no idea how this works but it seems the one with lower pixels is forced to become the default audio device or something i know kinda weird but it works "for me at least" .

    if this works for you please let me know as this could be a large help-out to other people. :)
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