Hardest Decision of my Life Right Now - i7 4770k or Asus VG248QE

Ok, so I am building a gaming computer and I have a good chunk of my build purchased and all that is left to buy is the CPU and the monitor and I'm facing a MAJOR dielemma (IMO). I want to create a 3D video game, but I also want this build to be a high end gaming build. I noticed that high end gaming builds normally have 120 hz or 144 hz monitors and rendering builds and game development builds have i7 CPUs. I need some advice on what to do please.
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    This is pretty much a matter of where your priorities lie, if me and had to choose 1, I'd go with the CPU and a lower end monitor, then as the money comes available can always upgrade to a newer monitor and even run them in a two monitor setup with the newer being more for gaming and the older for running other things
  2. get the i5-4670k and the better monitor.
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