GTX 285 vs HD 6850 which is better performer?

my friend is going to buy a graphic card under very tight budget which is 8000Rupee that would be USD $90. His configuration is Core2Duo e7500,Intel DG41rq,4gb DDR2 800mhz,Seasonic S12IIi 520w PSU. He has 1366x768 19inch wide screen monitor and some times he uses his 42inch plasma tv which uses a HDMI port resolution 1920x1080. He is buying the card is only for MAYA 2013,3DS MAX 2011,ADOBE MASTER SUITE CS6 (Mostly Photoshop & Premierpro) Sony vegas pro, he is a graphic designer and media enthusiast. Not a hardcore Gamer, gaming performance is secondary he majorly buying gpu is for above programs, but he plays crysis,elderscrolls,wow, dirt3, and almost every high performance graphic demanding games.He always does his work at highest settings possible. He finally chose two graphic cards in his budget those are



both are unused brand new cards but he is unable to decide which to buy. and he own a 1080p passive 3d monitor sometimes he uses it for movies and games not on regular basis. Budget is fixed he can't pay one more paisa/cent above said budget configuration cannot be changed os is windows 8 licensed. Kindly give us a solution.
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  1. The HIS 6850 is much newer and more powerfull than the GTX 285 ( not to mention it has warranty), he should go with that, but that powersupply is pretty weak, the current one he has probably wont be enough for either of those cards
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    I don't know what's wing with panda but that PSU is gray and won't have any problem with either card.

    Tough choice. Most of those programs if they can use the GPU at all probably use CUDA. Which means buying the 285. From a gaming stand point they are probably similar. Newer games would like the 6850 while older ones might be a touch faster on the 285. Finally the 6850 has MUCH better heart/power numbers.

    Check his programs. If they say they can use CUDA then get the 285. If they can use OpenCL then get the 6850. If they can't use the CPU at all then get the 6850.
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