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Hi when I go into the control pabel and go to administrative tools and then disk managment. In there I have The master hard drive which is c but it says healthy boot, page file, active, crash dump, primary Partition. What does all that mean and is it normal for the c drive to say that.Does it afect the performance of the drive. The other hard drive says Heakthy system active primary partition. The one is the slave drive it's a 2 terabyte and the master is just a 500 gig (sata 2) And the cd rom says the same thing the slave does. Also I think I have the slave drive on a gsata port sata 3. Is there any differenece between g sata and regular sata 3 difference in speed or anything?

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  1. It is fine. It is just information to tell you which drive things happen on -- for example page file tells you that the page file resides on that disk.

    For HDDs it shouldn't make any difference in performance between the G_SATA3 port and the SATA3 port -- but with an SSD the Marvell controller (G_SATA) is slower.
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