Static during sound playback

Problem: static (popping crackling) during playback of sound files. ie - music and video
It goes away with a reboot (generally) and comes back after a day or so of use.

Pertinent Gear:
Motherboard: MSI z87x-GD65
CPU: i5-4670K
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB

Motherboard audio is Realtek ALC1150 and bundles itself with the software as well. Here is what I have done so far to check and try to solve the issue.

1. Checked headphone connection and checked via back port instead of front USB panel. Still got static.

2. Checked other sound equipment: HDMI to monitor = static as well. stand alone speakers = static as well.

3. Updated BIOS and all software. ie. downloaded the latest driver from MSI website for MOBO Realtek Audio. - installed = no change, still static.

4. Check audiodg.exe - using 4-5% CPU @ about 17,000 kilobytes. Went to playback - properties on sound devices and went to enhancements. No options there but selected disable all. = audiodg.exe still uses same resources and still get static.

5. Went to Realtek website and downloaded the latest drivers direct from them and installed = still get static.

6. Tried to disable all other sound software - sound blaster, etc. = still getting static.

7. tried a hot fix for audiodg.exe leakage from microsoft. Told it doesnt apply to this computer = still static.

8. Ran DPC latency checker to see if driver conflict = nothing high or red spiked- so no conflict.

Right now, out of ideas, but would like to fix this irritating problem.

With as many forum posts on other places that I have seen I don't think it is tied to the motherboard being defective. Seems to be more of a software issue of some type, or driver related.
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  1. Tested with other speaker ?
  2. Do you have a cell phone around it when you play music?
  3. Hmm what is all around you speakers, it sounds like you are getting feedback, i need to know what is around your speakers so that way I can rule out that it isn't interference and go from there.
  4. Nothing else. A desk, some CD's. That's it.
  5. Hmm...since its not static interference it could be your on board ports are interfering with it somehow, i had speakers once where I would plug them in like you and get nothing but static feedback when nothing was around them, tried different speakers and never had a problem again.
  6. I suspected it might be one of those problem, even though never had an issue before. But sadly, I get the same using a headset and my monitor via HDMI
  7. Does it happen in both the front and the back?
  8. Yup. Rear port is main speakers, front port is headphones. And Monitor through HDMI on Video card. Chasing down drivers was a pain, but im almost beginning to think either there is a conflict source or the board is garbage. I've had problems with other things on it, current other issue is dealing with USB speeds getting even less read write than 2.0
  9. Sounds like to me that you have a faulty motherboard. I would try and RMA, the USB speeds shouldn't be slow. Also it sounds like the audio circuit on the board is completely shot.
  10. Really cant afford to be down for however long MSI takes to get around to sending out a board. I know they only send refurbs. Can't say Im ever going to buy an MSI product again. THe USB thing im exploring options, getting 3 m/s write and about 11 m/s read on 3.0 USB. granted the usb stick is a 2.0 sandisk, but other computer reads it about 40m/s and writes about 12m/s
  11. I would have told you to stay away from MSI to begin with they are problematic when it comes to their boards, stick with ASrock or ASUS in the future, if you don't have a choice with those two, go with Gigabyte. Just for some future reference. Remember to pick your solution when your are done so that others may learn from this thread.
  12. Yes, i certainly see that now. I got it from amazon on the 11th of september, so I am within the return period. What would you recommend for an 1150 socket
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