Diagnois Motherboard or CPU Failure

I just built the Tom's Q2 Gaming system and it doesn't work. ASRock B75M MB and Intel I-3 CPU.

The power supply seems to work as the blue lights on the Ballistix memory modules work and the CPU cooling fan work. No video output from either the DVI or VGA connector. The NUM Lock on the keyboard plugged into the PS2 port doesn't toggle the activated light. No Beep Codes when headphones are attached to the Front Speaker port. PowerColor video card not installed for diagnostic purposes.

All component are new and as specified in Tom's. I assume either the MB is bad or the CPU is bad. How can I determine which it is?
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    For beeps you need an internal speaker attached to the motherboard.
    Try starting the board outside the case, single RAM stick installed, DVD drive, keyboard and mouse. Connect the monitor to the onboard. Make sure that both 24 and 4/8 pin power cables are connected and start the board.
  2. Thanks. The 4/8 pin power connector was the culprit.

    I hadn't built a system in YEARS and never in this form factor. The MB and PS documentation left a bit to be desired in my opinion.

    The MB has a four pin connector. The PS has two four pin connectors connected together so they look like and eight pin connector. Based on your advice I inspected further and was able to separate the two four pin connectors and attach one to the MB. Voila!
  3. Glad you've solved it. Good luck!
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