I5 3570k paired with Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H, which RAM to buy with that config?

Hy guys,

would you be so kind and help me to choose which ram (2x4gb) should i buy? I am not fan of overclocking, maybe i'll do it in future but not atm soo maybe it would be good if i had that option for the future.

I was thinking to buy this one:

If you have better solutions i would be grateful that you help me choose best option.

I also plan to pair that config with Cooler Master hyper evo 212 cpu cooler so i hope corsairs ram kits will fit under cpu cooler

Thank you for all your help :)
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  1. I might suggest this kit, a bit more expensive (+$5) but is faster and quicker (higher frequency, lower timings) plus the blue will match your motherboard nicely IMO. The heat spreader appears to be a little shorter than that on the Corsair modules which may help your cooler fitment too
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    The selected Corsair is fine so is the suggested ripjaws, either will work fine with no noticeable performance difference. Currently for the price I would get these patriot
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