Watercooling i7 950 @stock temps seem pretty much high

So I just installed my i7 950 , http://www.xs-pc.com/watercooling-kits/raystorm-twin-d5-ax360-watercooling-kit with that kit, spent 24hrs bleeding it and there are no air pockets in my tubings.

I am cooling it with ec6 coolant clear but temps seem high for my likings, Idle

Core 0:41
Core 1:36
Core 2:40
Core 3:36

The thing is they are constantly changing till now. For now I am constantly heating the cpu and turning it off for the Artic Mx-4 to set it and I did the rice grain method and I applied pressure equally. My room temps are 29-30C and I just finished building my build y'day but I am worried as I will be trying to reach 4.2Ghz with this kit seeing that I have high temps.

I used real temps and hwmonitor still they read the same temps but according to the AIsuite which Is quite bugged reads 30C which is kind of awkward because there is a 0C delta temperature.

This is my build and I am using a push config with 3x Corsair SP 120, intake is from the front of the 900D https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/v/1374092_575412582516190_1512289785_n.jpg?oh=d2fbf6f84fd6bfb0924790760d1b5911&oe=5249EE9C&__gda__=1380630088_5cd087007884293adfd4c3a70d9977f2

Please no insults towards Man united lol
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  1. What are your temps??? I can't answer this without that information.
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