Watercooling i7 950 High Idle temps at stock speed

So I just installed my i7 950 , with that kit, spent 24hrs bleeding it and there are no air pockets in my tubings.

I am cooling it with ec6 coolant clear but temps seem high for my likings, Idle

Core 0:41
Core 1:36
Core 2:40
Core 3:36

The thing is they are constantly changing till now. For now I am constantly heating the cpu and turning it off for the Artic Mx-4 to set in giving it enough time to cure and I did the rice grain method and I applied pressure equally. My room temps are 29-30C and I just finished building my build y'day but I am worried as I will be trying to reach 4.2Ghz with this kit seeing that I have high temps.

I used real temps and hwmonitor still they read the same temps but according to the AIsuite which Is quite bugged reads 30C which is kind of awkward because there is a 0C delta temperature.

This is my build and I am using a push config with 3x Corsair SP 120, intake is from the front of the 900D

Please no insults towards Man united lol
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  1. What are your temps we can't solve this without them.
  2. Temps are constantly changing and those idle temps I took them out of real temp and hwmonitor
  3. Well i can see where the case temperature is higher, you have 5 fans letting in air and 1 letting out air...that's a big no no right there. If i was you i would start by making that radiator a proper push/pull configuration, if you can't do that cause of space issues then have the fan closest to the rear exhaust and flip it so it pushes air out along with the rear exhaust fan, and leave the other 2 as intakes. That will solve your unstable temps in your case right there. As for you water block problem, how fast does your pump work to keep those temps?
  4. Well I have the XSPC fans but they run at 1650 and the corsair 2350 but they actually run at 2169 aesthetically I like more the corsair 120 due to their pressure. The pumps are running at Speed 2 as it I have 2xD5's as I plan to expand my loop in future.
  5. Hmm, try my fan idea and see if that changed anything, otherwise i would almost say your pumps defective if it can't keep a stable temperature like that.
  6. I bled the pumps for 24hrs at speed 3... What Can I do is put the speed on 3 now and try it if it won't work I will do a push pull config

    I will update the thread once I test the pump at speed 3 and give you my results... i don't know how much time it takes for the mx4 to cure but those temps are pretty much high for that kind of kit.
  7. Yes true, i think cooling down your case will have a major impact tho since the motherboard itself will stay cooler.
  8. Correction: I have the front intaking +ve pressure 3X Corsair AF 120, rear -ve pressure, and the 3 radiator fans push config... Well Can i add to the other side of the rads the xspc fans but they are of a different rpm?
  9. Ok so here at the temps They seem pretty much high at idle stock speeds. I checked whether I placed the cpu block correctly and it is equally tighted with the M5 screws to the retention bracket.
  10. Hmm...mine runs at about 28 degrees C (82.4 degrees f) at idle and about 34 degrees C (92-94 degrees F) under 100 percent load, however I have a Kraken x60 not a custom loop, and I have 6 other 140 fans plus the 4 140's in push/pull configuration, so about 10 x 140 mm fans in my case. With your fan setup that seems about right for the temperatures, like i said try my fan idea and see if it makes a change (I bet it will).
  11. Okay found the problem... I set the pumps @ speed 3, still no change in temps... I put a thermometer in the case and temps are quite high 34C in it. Unfortunately like the 800D the 900D intakes for my rig till now is the front panel, what I am about to do is buy a dustfilter and change the direction of the rear AF 140 fan and install the xspc fans as pull config.

    Thanks for your answers @ddbtkd456 I will keep you posted about this.
  12. Alright, and please do, if there is anything you need in the future please feel free to shoot me an email.
  13. Okay results are in. What I did earlier today was:

    1) Doing a fan filter with some aircondition filter at the rear & changing the Af140 at the rear as intake.
    2) Installing the 3x Xspc fans 1650rpm as pull with the ax 360.

    The air being dissipated from the rad is better as it is more cooler though temps remained the same. What is worrying me is that the temps are

    Core 0;44 Core 1;41 core 2;43 core 3; 41

    So what I am thinking is that I should wait for the koolance valve to arrive, drain the loop and reapply the TIM. I mean I made sure that there are no air pockets as I carefully dropped the cpu block on the cpu and tightened the M3 screws diagonally. I am using the artic MX 4 as a thermal compound and I did a tiny blop on it. Could it be the case i)There are airpockets ii) Most probably TIM is acting as an insulator , Well to remove the other TIM I used as I forgot to buy from XSPC when I bought the kit the Artic cleaning kit.

    I am so sorry but I am so confused right now
  14. I am running at stock speeds cpu is at 1.18v, CPU PPL was 1.89v which was ridiculously high running stable at 1.548v QPI 1.336v... Damn I don't wish to drain my loop and dissaemble nearly everything because if it will be the case I need to dissemble the Northbridge and clean it as it is currently 51C .
  15. AI Suite is terrible.

    What are your ambient room temps? 29-30C?

    Radiator is mounted in the top...which way are fans blowing? Out the top, or in? Looks like PUSH out the top.

    You realize you are attempting to cool a watercooling radiator with warm air from inside the case, meaning the air is warmer than ambient, thus, you see a higher than ambient idle reading. This isn't terrible, but this is likely the entire reason for the temp difference.

    Typically you want to use outside air to cool radiators, but sometimes you have to make-do with what you can. Idle temps really mean's all about sustained load temps. What are those like?
  16. Well, I mounted the ax 360 rad in the top of the 900D , pumps are at speed 3 and the corsair sp 120 are extracting the air from inside the case to the outside of the case with the XSPC fans. I also changed the rear fan of the 900D to intake air but it was only a gain to the motherboard as I didn't see any temperature change in cpu.

    Max cpu temp is 51C rest are 47-50C but they are running at stock speeds and I am planning to take this cpu to at least 4ghz-4.2 with 1.27v but I happen to be afraid. I live in Malta and well it is so hot at the moment feels like August.

    I could always re apply the TIM but it would mean a couple of things more time and more $$. I thought about taking the rad to the bottom or adding 480mm (which I still could use in the future) but it will cost more money and it is already an overkill wc setup for a cpu loop only.
  17. Believe it or not there is a refreshing cold breeze... even though when I touched the reservoir face it happened to be quite hot cpu load temps are
    Core 1:44
    Core 2:39
    Core 3:41
    Core 4:38

    Those are the load temps at stock speeds @ 1.18v. I am afraid I applied a little bit more thermal paste on the cpu. I cleaned the cpu about 12 times with Kontakt PCC as I didn't want any dust particles (merely impossible,OCD) are those temps good my current room temp is 27.5ish
  18. Best answer
    ok so you have a CPU only loop on a 360mm rad that is the same setup i have on my 3930K clocked to 4.0Ghz at idol the temps are 29C load temps are 43C max so i would say that you have a issue with this rig, the twin pump setup might be the issue is the pump configuration correct for your loop?
    what type of thermal paste did you use on the CPU?

    can you show some pics of the loop it might help me.

    **edit your stock temps are correct the clocked seem a little high try droping the clock speed down a little to see if this makes a big diffrence in load temps **
  19. I used Artic MX 4... I used the blob method equal pressure throughout.

    Setup Res < RAD<Cpu<Res

  20. I changed the intake of the rear fan as intake, added the xspc fans as pull still no difference even though it is pulling air bettter and the system reduced by 2C still no change in load.

    I am thinking of draining the loop which means new coolant and re-applying the TIM. Pumps are working, there are few air bubbles in res but really few as I bled it for 24hrs.
  21. well give that a try. but do understand that not all chips will preforme the same or even well i have had 2 AMD chips that where duds, and one Intel dud chip, so it might be that the chip sucks for overclocking.
  22. Well It it bought from a friend of mine for just 250e along with the i7 and he reached 4.4ghz under 50C load as for me it will suffice as I focused on getting top ssd/case/watercooling set up for now as it was my dream getting this kit as he wanted to upgrade for haswell at any cost ^^

    Anyways temps didnt change at 1.11V!!! This was his build

    Meanwhile here are my temps:

    I thing that there isn't a proper contact with the cpu... Well in the next few days I will drain the loop as it isn't advisable to use the same water again and re-apply the TIM.

    Should I change the order of loop to:

  23. no i would leave it, is the pump between the res and CPU?
  24. No it's a combo... I am have been going thru my build and I am afraid I have air bubbles into loop as I might have lots of air bubbles into the T-line... I raised a bit the tube going from the tube to the rad feeding the cpu and guess what? Tons of air bubbles, water into ress turned crazy at max pumps speed
  25. Update:
    I really just want to open the plug and drain all the loop and re apply the tim and on the nb. But I think I will go some days more as the koolant valve is arriving in a few days time.
  26. QDC's make this a easy process i have changed out 3 motherboards now with them in my loops and it have been a painless process i can have the motherboard out and a new Motherboard in within a hour.
  27. I will dissemble everything there is... re apply new TIM, and install the valve when it comes. Well today when I entered back at school all these thermofluids talks reminded me of this unresolved business that I have. I touched the water with my pinkie and touched my forehead. And guess what? It's really cool. Room temp is at 26C and temps are remaining the same even if the cpu is @ 2.5ghz! they didn't change by a degree, I never read about a case like this.
  28. I like the artic silver 5 it has always worked well for me.
  29. Update of the things I've done in the past few days when I had enough time#;

    i)change the TIM on soutbridge,northbridge,mosfet... So far succesful temps went down from the NB/SB by 15C as thermal paste was of a really poor quality and I found a big layer of compound.

    ii) regarding the cpu temps didn't go down! This time I applied the pea size method from the dot method or the line method as I forgot, less thermal paste than I did before and well temps are -2C less. The AI suite from 38C this time went to 32C I just can't get it.
  30. I used the MX4 again... I wanted to find some Indigo extreme but I didn't find any. Though I there is a lot of pressure on cpu as It is tightened well but I am afraid that the Kontakt cleaner is cleaning the cpu surface and instead is providing a thermal insulation pad. Can someone please help me? My room temp is 28C for now, 32C on the AI suite that's a delta temp of 4C
  31. I am currently looking at this thread;

    I mean it is a really wtf moment, again I spent hours bleeding and changing the coolant because I thought there was something clogging the rad with some hot distilled water but I couldn't find any.

    Also the cpu block oxidize a little bit, I just cleaned it and again installed it on the cpu.
  32. 4C on a clocked CPU is not bad
  33. Damn I am really in a loop hole.... OCCT after 3 hrs at stock speeds vcore 1.18v,load 51c average.I know this may seem stupid to some of you but I am considering to change the direction of the airflow to the radiator. Air being extracted from the top of the case and being pushed to the inside of the case... I changed the thermal paste twice and am getting same temps nearly. I got rid of the old coolant I had apart from that I changed the TIM on the motherboard which really showed a huge improvement but the cpu temps didn't go down at all.
  34. well go ahead and clock it to see what happens the only thing i noticed when i clocked my 3930K to 4.0Ghz was the idol temp went up by 2C to 29C and the load temp went up by 5C to 43C.
    With that stated at 4.2Ghz the temps went up much more to 64C under load.
  35. Man this thread is getting long, you guys are really making me read here lol...
  36. Ok, I think I sorted this out, hopefully this will be the last post I make and I wish to thank you for your precious time.

    Today I changed my fans config, again

    Rear from +Ve pressure to -ve pressure,
    Radiator fans +ve pressure getting cold air from the top of the case to the inside, I know this defies the law of physics but I don't want to change the tubing and wasting more time by putting the rad into the front panel of case.

    These are the temps:
    System temp :32C , Maximum hottest core :39C lowest 34C,motherboard temperature: 32C , Nb temperature :42C SB temp:42C .. priamry vga: 36C ,gtx 285 50C: vga fans set between 30-40%.

    Ambient temperature 28C

    What do you guys think?

    EDIT: Currently ambient temp is 27C, one can expect to room temps to be at least 2-3 C higher than ambient temps in homes due to insulation.

    So are my temps reasonable?
  37. Okay after hours of testing with OCCT I managed to get my 950 stable with 1.18v and low voltage setting across most of the components, what is weird that Idle temps from idle to 4ghz didn't change by a degree. Load temps won't go over 60C and my room temperature is pretty high as it is the hottest of the home. I wish to thank you for your time.
  38. your welcome
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