could ssd sata3 use with old laptop BYON dual-core??

i just want to change my old laptop hdd 320gb hitachi with ssd 240gb corsair/WD, but i am affraid not enough power.. thank you for every comment
my laptop BYON 14inc spec:
4gb ram ddr2(only read 3gb)
proc pentium dual-core T4200 2ghz
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  1. actually SSD's don't use that much power less than standard drives however if your laptop supports Sata 1 or sata 2 your not gonna get Sata 3 speeds but the sata 3 Interface will still work with the Sata 1 or 2 controller
  2. i already tried with corsair 120gb Neutron series & 180 Force GS series, but didn't work completely, just blank screen
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