Is this a good gaming build?

I doubt between two things, one is buying parts myself and the other is getting a pre build pc.

this is what i selected for the home made build:

-Motherboard: MSI Z87-G43

-Processor: i5-4670K

-Cpu cooler: Cooler Master Hyper212 Evo

-Memory: G.Skill 8 GB DDR3-1600 Kit

-Video card: AMD Radeon HD7870 2GB

-hdd: Western Digital Blue, 1 TB

-Power supply: Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 RS520-SPM2E3-EU

-Disk Drive: LG GH24NS70

-Case: Sharkoon REX8 Economy Edition

-Monitor: Acer G226HQLBb

-OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit NL

Total: € 1.000

And for the pre build i saw this pc:,_Gaming_PC/html/product/1095622/?tk=6177&lk=9917

plus the Acer G226HQLBb monitor it will cost around €900

so my questing are:
-Are the parts i selected good, and do they all work together?
-how much better are the parts compared to the pre build pc?

Thanks for helping me out! :)
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  1. This build is good or bad depending on what you want to do...

    If you want to play all games maxed out you're better off going with an AMD CPU and get a beefy video card such as a GTX670, on the other hand. This rig should be able to run all games medium...
  2. They all work together but the PSU is not the best I would swap it with this Antec,_520_Watt_voeding/html/product/978387/?tk=7&lk=9303
    HD7870 can handle most games on more than medium settings
  3. Best answer
    Looks good :) Great build.

    These parts are MUCH better than the one compared to prebuilt PCs. The sort of components you get in prebuilt PCs are OEM parts and these tend to be worse than Branded parts. The components you have in custom built PCs are usually of a higher quality and tend to last longer than prebuilt PCs. For example high quality capacitors are used in your motherboard. With these custom parts you have more flexibility when it comes to overclocking and customization. You are limited to what you can actually do with a prebuilt PC but when it comes to a custom built one you can pretty much tweak and change everything possible
  4. Thanks for the info!
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