which one is better, MSI 460 Hawk vs GB Gtx 560 OC??

my old rig(only office user,onboard vga) will be give to my nephew whom like gaming a lot, i decided buy used card to make an improvement.. there are 2 used card, msi Hawk gtx460 & GB gtx 560 OC with great condition & the 560 oc just a little bit pricey(cost $25 than 460 hawk).. which 1 i shall choose?? thank you
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  1. The 560
  2. How much are each of the cards? There may be better options for the budget...
  3. $50 for MSI 460 & $75-80 for GB 560 OC, all like new with box & dvd drivers from first time user, 3-4 years ago..
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    Here is an overclocked GTX560 around 20-25 % better than GTX460
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