Windows 7 64bit is unreasonably slow on my laptop.

Recently my sister gave me her laptop after getting a Macbook Pro.
It's a couple of years old, runs Windows 7 64 bit, has 2gb of RAM and has a AMD C-50 1.00GHz processor. It's not very good but it's alright when it comes to browsing the internet. Only problem, it's incredibly slow. My mother's old laptop (IBM Thinkpad T43) is sooooooo much faster in terms of speed, although it's a lot less powerful.
I've used CCleaner, defragged the hard drive, cleaned out the whole registry of any errors and many other things in a attempt to increase its performance, but it's still super slow. I'm extremely desperate to speed this damn thing up.
I'm posting here just to see if anyone could really help me out.
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  1. 2 GB of RAM is a bit on the low side for 64-bit Windows.

  2. 2gb ram is low for a 64bit OS I would not consider anything less than 4GB then again it has a slow CPU. If you can upgrade the ram it should speed it up some.
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    That CPU is most of your problem. Only 1GHz, and single channel memory bus. Very low end CPU:
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