I5 3330 vs FX 8320 with 7870

Hi all
i am a fresh builder
i have take a quick research for build up a pc
i have under 600us for build up a pc
now i have 2 640G WD HD, have 2 1333 4G ram
should i choose amd ?
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  1. I would go 8320 because it has much better future.
  2. Best answer
    Yep the FX8320 better at everything apart from gaming.
  3. i wanna play gta5 and bf3 bf4
    also i will play lol
    is that a good mb?
  4. Yes that is a good budget board and you should be able to play with that hardware.
  5. amd announced new type card, is it a good time to buy 7870 or 7950?
  6. If the price is right yes, will they come down in price more or are the new cards going to perform better for the price would be speculation at this time. Expect the new cards next month so it does not hurt to wait.
  7. I would get the i5 over the 8350.

    For reference, Tom's Hardware's own CPU Hierarchy chart lists the i5 3330 a full tier above any AMD FX chip. (For gaming),3106-5.html
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