*Haswell PSU compatibility question*

The premise behind my issue has to deal with the compatibility of my PSU with the Haswell lithography. I just want to make certain that my 600w silverstone strider PSU will maintain the Haswell CPUs without any issues. Oh the intricacies that come with building a PC on new platforms. =P
If anyone knows, please respond as soon as possible.
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  1. Some big words...

    Anyway. If not specifically stated, assume that it does NOT support Haswel. Besides, most silverstone PSUs are junk and should be avoided.

    If you can provide the exact model number then I can tell you if its decent or not and give you an idea if it MIGHT support it or not.

    Keep in mind you can disable the extreme sleep function that is the problem, which then makes ANY PSU compatible.
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    Yes, it does support Haswel low power state, but I would not suggest it if you have not purchased it yet, there are better options at that price class.
  3. Thank you, in all respects, you have helped me decide to go with the Haswell based platform. I am building a mini-ITX system. =)
  4. No problem.:D
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