Can a pc have gddr5 ram as system memory?>=

Pretty much what the title said, the ps4 has 8 gb of gddr5 as system memory and i was wondering if that was an option for pc gamers and how much would it cost?
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  1. gddr5 ram is the same as ddr3 ram, except optimised for graphics(hence the "g") the only reason the for the 5 as opposed to 3, is because there have just been more generations of it.
  2. It is certainly possible however it is congifured differently. It works with the in PS4 because the system has been customised to use it. The PS4 does not have any dedicated GPU RAM. It is faster than DDR3 because of frequencies, though if you get a high bus speed DDR3 such as 2133Mhz you would be practically running at GDDR5 speeds anyway.
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