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I am looking at a 2GB 7770 with two DVI ports. Would this be what I need to connect my computer monitor with a DVI to VGA adapter to the 7770, and connect my TV to the video card HDMI to HDMI? Oh and is the 7770 the best video card for around 100 dollars?
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    the 7770 is the best for that range IMO, and i dont really understand the question, but id do away with VGA all together and use at least DVI, or better yet hdmi, though you can easily convert DVI to VGA, but not anything else thats digital to VGA because its analog (dvi is a hybrid) so basically if you want to connect a vga monitor and hdmi tv, you shoulnt have a problem.
    is this the card youre looking at because it has VGA built in and only 1 DVI
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