Looking for a good gaming laptop

I have about $2,300 to spend at most (not including taxes)

It needs to be a laptop as I am on the go ALL the time. I know desktops can be bought for less, with better specs. But I need mobility.

I am looking at a good laptop with an i7 and a good dedicated gpu.

I need an i7 due to video and audio work. and good gpu to supplement the cpu and for gaming.

Games I play are Sims 3, Sims 2, Command and Conquer Kane's Wrath, Diablo 3, Wold of Warcraft.

Looking at the Columbus, Ohio Microcenter. I used to have a Samsung Series 7 Gamer and it didn't last me very long. After 2 warranty repairs on CPU and GPU it is out of warranty and the GPU is failing again.

This is where I am searching as it's close to me and I am in need of something soon.

I have been eyeballing these 2 laptops:


Would it be worth the difference in price between the specs?

The first one is an Asus G750 and has 12GB Ram, a single 750GB HDD and GTX 770M 3GB Gddr5 gpu, DVD-R/W Drive

The second one is an MSI GT70 and has 16GB Ram, 128GB mSATA HDD and 750GB HDD with a GTX 780M 4GB GDDR5 Gpu, Blue-ray drive. I do watch a lot of Blue-rays.

Both have an i7-4700 from the looks of things.

My biggest thing is, is it worth the price difference for the performance differences on GPU and such?

I would rather not spend all the money and if the differences won't be too much I can always upgrade ram and SSD and most likely I would have money left over?

After my fiasco with the Samsung, I would like input on a new system, overall build quality, performance and such.

Please help and thanks for the help!
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  1. the 780 is better than the 770 and will probably last you longer because I think msi laptops are better than asus laptops but the extra money for the msi laptop is mainly just for the ssd extra ram and blueray. Check out some of sagars laptops
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    Sager does make good laptops, but I prefer Malibal myself. Check these out:
  3. Hi,

    If I'm not too late, may I suggest something? The Aorus X7 it's the best laptop out there for gaming. It is sleeker than Razer and starts at $2099. Definitely worth checking out.
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