Help understanding dvi vs hdmi for dual monitors

I'm hopefully going to have dual monitors (maybe triple in the future but two for the start do to money). I was reading around it last night on here and on other sites and for the life of me couldn't figure anything out. I'm going to be running a GTX 760 from EVGA
These are the two monitors I have picked out so far but I am open to anything but please keep the price under $200. (my range is 23-24 inches)
Do I have to buy a special adpater to to make the two monitors go into the graphics card? because it has two dvi slots but one is DVI-I and DVI-D. I went to nvidia's website to read about it but just got confused. And what would I have to do add a third monitor in the future?

Plus what are the advantages/disadvantages to HDMI to DVI.

Sorry for all the questions and sorry if this comes out all bunched up first time i've written a post with links and such a big post.

Thank you for any help you can provide.
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  1. Single Link DVI-D compared to HDMI has equal quality, except HDMI does allow you to send sound to the monitor/TV. Both are digital.
    Dual Link DVI-D allows for 120hz, which HDMI cannot do.

    DVI-I allows for both DVI-D or DVI-A. So it can be used with a converter to support VGA connections as well, DVI-D cannot. Some if not most DVI-I slots on a video card support Dual Link, which allows for higher resolutions and refresh rates.
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