Nvidia GeForce 9400GT vs Intel Graphics HD 4000

Im upgrading my motherboard and CPU. Im getting i7 3770K which has its own GPU. I already have Nvidia graphics card. Which one is better to use?
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  1. According to the monthly GPU hierarchy chart, the HD4000 is four tiers higher than the 9400GT.
  2. Onus, Is there any cons to using the built in GPU as opposed to a separate graphics card?

    And, does the GPU have any effect on video encoding like when making DVDs
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    Some encoding software can use GPGPU processing. Intel's Quicksync (e.g. on their HD4000) does quite a good job of that. Any specific recommendations will depend on the software you'll be using.
    If you intend to play current 3D games, you will likely find the HD4000 insufficient. Again, you'll need to post the specific games you play, and your budget, to get the most relevant recommendations.
  4. im not a gamer so gaming is not important. I use Sony PMB to make my DVDs right now.
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