USB isn't powering components/Computer shuts itself off before POST and then turns on

I have an Asus Z77 Sabertooth, and my problem is that when I turn on my computer, sometimes my Razer Naga Epic won't have power. The mouse just acts like it isn't plugged in, until I go ahead and unplug it, then plug it back in; After this, it acts like normal. I currently have it plugged into the USB 3.0, because if I plug it into the same 4 USB ports as my Logitech G15 (the really old orange one), it messes with the power on the keyboard. The whole keyboard will act like it isn't receiving enough power, and will sort of "flicker". This only happens when I plug something in/out after my computer is already on, not if I turn it off then plug it into that port. I don't like to do that though, because If my mouse doesn't start up like it does sometimes, and I unplug it, then my keyboard starts to get weird, etc.

So I want to know what is going on with my USB ports.

Another issue; When I do power on my computer, sometimes it will shut itself off power POSTing. All the LED fans will power on for about 2 seconds, and I will see all the lights and everything come on, but then it just shuts off. Sometimes it will go through this cycle about 4 times before fully POSTing and turning on. This is incredibly annoying, especially when I just want to blow sh!t up in BF3 after a long day of work. I also feel like it is a symptom of a really BIG problem coming on, and I am too stupid to see it.

Help me Tom's Hardware!
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  1. make sure you have the newest asus bios installed. use the usb flashback port download the newest bios rename is z77st.cap put it on the root of the flash drive. plug it into the white usb flashback port with the pc off and push in the usb flashback button. it run for few min then the port will turn off. with the new bios installed go into the bios turn on xmp profile for the ram. make sure the bios set the ram speed up right.
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