looking for new mechanical keyboard need advise on choose one

hi i am looking for a new gaming keyboard, have a budget around 100, i am not sure what is a good keyboard in that price range

the ones i am looking at is

Gigabyte Aivia Osmium Cherry Red Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Blue Back-lit
currently on sale for 89.99 AR +tax

Thermaltake MEKA G-Unit Illuminated Edition Cherry Black
currently on sale for 79.99 AR+tax

please give me some advise
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  1. I would recommend the Thermaltake, I have the Tt eSport Challanger myself and it runs like a dream it feels like you are typing on air, if air was made of plastic. :D

    It's very comfortable for long periods and they are not noisy at all (compared to some keyboards like Razer cough cough :P)
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    Which one suits you.

    But if you want a little cheaper Mechanical Keyboard.

    Go check CMStorm.

    They have a wide range of Mechanical Keyboards. If you want compact or full of features.
  3. have CMstorm pro now and i love it only problem is it is half backlit eyeing on tk version now
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