Building PC for Maya/3D- 7770 vs v4900 and 8350 vs I-5

Hi guys!
I'm building pc mostly for Maya(modeling and rendering)/3D(poser, zbrush) and Adobe suite (photoshop, indesign, illustrator, premier, after effects).
I will make my showrell on this pc and work as designer. I'm not playing games mostly but iff I will - so it will be Poker.
I will learn also Autocad and other 3D soft on this pc.
Several questions arise
About cpu:
Amd 8350 doesn’t competes with I7 but its out of budget. That is better for me 8350 or i-5?
I guess that 8350 since it has multithreading option for Maya and a bit more powerful than i-5.
In my country its costs less for 60 usd than i-7 and a bit more or the same as i-5 top model.
Am I correct that 8350 is better than i-5 in my case?
Another question about GPU
That is better Radeon 7770 or FirePro 4900?
I'm not gamer but I'm confused with benchmarks:
Radeon 7770 – 2155
Firepro 4900 – 1276
And firepro is also more expensive at additional 30 usd.
That do you think and recommend ?
Its benchmark score its tested with games right?
Here I found video on youtube there guy compare quadro 600 with radeon hd 5770 -
According benchmark – 5770's score is higher 1677 vs 687 from quadro 600, but quadro 600 performing better…
I'm confused and don’t know that to choose..
That do you think and recommend ?
And final question:
If ssd 60gb will be enough to hold?:
Windows 7 64 bit, adobe cs 5/6 suite (photoshop, illustrator, indesign, dreamweaver, premier, after effects…), 3d soft( maya, 3ds max, poser, zbrush), corel painter.
Thanks guys and please answer to my questions.
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    the War between AMD and Intel has always been raging on for a long time , so Choose a side .

    The FirePro 4900 is a Workstation GPU ( Not an expert in this ) so it's probably be suited for your needs. I'm nt sure if it's better than the HD 7770.
  2. intel or amd...they are equally good...just pick a or red? ^^
  3. potpolima said:
    intel or amd...they are equally good...just pick a or red? ^^

    No , I disagree. They're not equally good. Nor is it about colour. Most of AMD's CPUs have more threads , cores , and can reach higher speeds. But Intel most Intel CPUs consume less power and Intel boasts their 22 nm CPUs . I think Intel has higher quality CPUs but not as powerful. Sadly for me , Retailers in Singapore sell a wider variety of Intel CPUs , so in a way , I was forced into a team
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