Patriot Memory PGV34G2000ELK + Gigabyte GA p55a ud4p

Hello everyone I'm seeking some help on how to run my Patriot G series Sector 5 PGV34G2000ELK 2x2gb so 4gb in total in Dual Channel mode at its rated frequency (16000-2000mhz) and also how to overclock my Intel core i5 750. When I try to run the memory XMP Profile the system fails to boot. Is there a way I can run the Ram at those speeds and also overclock the CPU to a slightly higher speed? I also have an after market cooler that keeps the heat levels on the Cpu very low so that will not be an issue.

I also have a 750w Power Supply. If there is any other information you need please ask. Some assistance will be greatly appreciated,thank you guys.
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  1. Hi,,1.html
    or google for similar.
    As for the RAMs, install CPU-Z and check the available configurations for XMP.
    Since XMP not working, you can manually set the values in BIOS. It seems that 2000 does not work, so try 1666 or 1866. Check in CPU-Z the corresponding values for latencies, depending on the speed.
  2. Hi Volkzzz,
    I have a PGV34G2000ELK + Gigabyte GA p55a ud4p + i3 560 . And memory is working with 2000MHz and processor with 4.2GHz.
    First I loaded standard setup on bios.
    Then I changed this:
    CPU 21X -> 4.2GHz
    QPI 27x -> 5,6 GHZ
    BCLK 200
    MEMORY 2000 [Profile1]
    VCore 1,365V
    I have a Cooler Master on i3.

    And you can see this link about overclock:
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