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Greeting all
i have been facing a problem port forwarding my DVR to view over internet

i have a Technicolor TG582n DSL Modem with Software Version, and a H.264 DVR Brand.

DVR Network Setting
Static IP
Subnet Mask

Media Port 9000
Web Port 8090
Setup Port 8000

Logged in to the DSL Modem, Set my DDNS on and its Update Successfully. Also intalled DDns Updater on Computer to update Wan Regularly.

Created a new application, Named it DVR, set the ports on dvr on the application created as any. aftrer am done assigned the ports created to the IP adress i set on the DVR, Still can't access my DVR.

intalled Port Forwad Checking, it can see my ip, can't ping my router, and port is open but used in another Device

Changed the ports but its still the same Result. is there anything else i can or should do???
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  1. as for the WEB port is the external port 8090 and the internal 80?

    If the internal is 8090, did you configure the DVR's Web port to be 8090, too?
  2. Best answer
    as long as you forward the port correctly (8090) on your router to be needed by (you DVR IP :, you should be able to view your DVR
    by typing the IP given from your ISP (
  3. Hey

    It looks like I have same router, dvr and problems. Same ports at dvr, same ip configuration at router.
    How did you solve it?
    It doesn't work
    Same dvr worked fine with another router, another ISP, was easy to set up. Not now
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