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Dual-screen setup
Win7 x64

Drivers don't seem to work anymore every time I reboot. This thing occurred to me while playing Outlast. Game that ran more than just smoothly on the gtx660ti. I recall using a windows recovery, but probably had the problem before doing that. Might have installed an older version of directX somewhere. In any case those are the only 2 clues I have before the thing started.

When Outlast suddenly ran very slow from the menu, I knew something was wrong. I re-installed drivers at some point, and that did the job. But still, every time I reboot, I get the same problem. As if the drivers are still not installed. So instead of continuing my life installing drivers every time I boot, is there anybody who knows the problem?

Driver version: 327.23
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  1. I'm using that driver version and am running SLi'd 660Ti's and a dual screen setup and I don't lose the driver on reboot, maybe it might have more to do with Outlast?
  2. Mousemonkey said:
    I'm using that driver version and am running SLi'd 660Ti's and a dual screen setup and I don't lose the driver on reboot, maybe it might have more to do with Outlast?

    Absolutely not. Outlast was not the only game affected. Every other game ran jerkier. Games like Counter-strike Source ran a little better. But also in the windows UI, when hovering pop-ups appear, the mouse would run slowly above it, but not around the rest of the screen. Watching movies on my pc also went slower. I had to stop watching my Oblivion dvd because it was too jerky to believe it was from the dvd.

    My best guess is that it's something that happened during either the recovery, or after installing some older games/software that prompted me to install outdated versions of directX.
  3. You could try reinstalling DX again.
  4. Mousemonkey said:
    You could try reinstalling DX again.

    Did not really work out... It might have nothing to do with DX after all. Because re-installing a driver doesn't incorporate installing a better DX as well. What changes re-installing a driver anyway? This problem puzzles me, but i'm not giving up. Not going to format and install windows again!
  5. Ok, I absolutely hate it when things like these happen... But the problem fixed itself over time. It wasn't fixed yesterday, when I was already running the latest R331 driver. Only today I booted my pc and noticed things were running smooth without having to reinstall the drivers. Currently running 331.65. Consider this problem solved for now.
  6. Driver issues with a single game or app can be tedious to live with, trust me I know.
  7. But it was not a single game or app! It was everything. The whole windows UI ran slow. Every interface using graphics card, went slower. Even the Geforce experience interface. Every single game (even older one's) and even watching movies. I stated this all before. This problem was not amongst the usual one's I come across.
  8. Well I'm having to use an older driver to get an OpenCL app working properly whereas everything else ran just fine.
  9. Today, started up expecting it would be away permanently. But alas. The problem is still present with the most up to date drivers. The question now is what caused last time to run smoothly from the start...
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