CPU: integrated graphics?

I want to create a gaming machine i found a motherboard for it and a cpu
the cpu is on motherboard cpu support list but it is flagged with
"Some Intel LGA 1155 CPUs do not have integrated graphics. A discrete VGA card is required if this kind of CPU is installed."
What does that mean?


Motherboard :
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  1. Integrated graphics had previously been located on motherboards, but recent generations of Intel chips (and AMD 'APU' chips) place the integrated graphics chip on the same package as the CPU. Hence, the motherboard can support integrated graphics if the CPU has that chip but not all newer Intel chips have this feature.

    In this case, the model of CPU selected doesn't have a graphics core. It will work but you'll need a discrete graphics card - but since you said this is for gaming you'll want one anyway.
  2. Some processors come with integrated graphics, which means that the processor handles all the graphics. This is not as powerful as a discrete GPU, an actual graphics card, and highly recommended for a gaming build. I would recommend buying a L1150 socket motherboard and a i5-4670K. The reason being is because the L1150 socket will be future proof. As for a GPU I would buy GTX 760, if this is too much get a GTX 650 Ti or a GTX 660.
  3. The i5-3350P does not have an integrated graphics card. Although, if you will buy a discrete graphics card, there is nothing to worry about. However, I noticed that you are getting a Z77 motherboard without having a "K" version CPU. The purpose of the Z77 motherboard is for overclocking and your CPU has locked multipliers so it will be futile to get a motherboard like that.
  4. the CPU you linked has an onboard gfx but its deactivated so even if you plug it in you won't be able to see anything, your gonna need a dedicated card too see thing's as your neither the CPU nor the mobo has a GPU.
  5. So if i buy this cpu and a graphics card it will work ok?
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    iLoveRAM said:
    So if i buy this cpu and a graphics card it will work ok?

    Yes it will work. But don't forget what I said earlier. Getting a Z77 motherboard is useless if you are not using a "K" version CPU.
  7. Most CPUs have integrated graphicss in them (for example "Intell Graphics 4000") - witch means u can connect the monitor in the MBs HDMI or DVI port and it will work.

    a CPU without a integrated graphics will not display any image in the HDMI/DVI ports.

    Conclution: your CPU has no integrated graphics so it will work only with an additional GPU connected to your MB
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