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I am running Windows 7 Home Edition and a VPN..I cannot see my VPN when I look at Network Sharing Centre ...but can sse it on my netbook running Windows 7 Starter....any thoughts please
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  1. Check your firewall. It's probably blocking the VPN port. You didn't say what VPN you are running so I can't tell you what ports are in use.

    sysadm -
  2. I am using IBVPN
  3. I am connecting to via my
  4. Hmmm, seems they offer several types of VPN. If you are using OenVPN the default port is UDP 1194. There might be a different problem as well. OpenVPN can be configured to allow client-to-client connections, but usually isn't. Ask your provider. Also you may need seperate accounts for each PC. Again ask your provider.

    We provide a peer-to-peer channel for customers that want to login to their home or office computer but I haven't seen much of that available on the Internet. You can get a 30 day free trial. You will need one for each PC (seperate emal addresses).

    sysadm -
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