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I built my system this weekend. I have an i5 4670k that has NOT been overclocked yet. Bitfenix ghost case with 4 fans running in push/pull, a gtx 760 and a CM 212 evo cooler. Going by the gpu tweak app that came with my GTX card its showing that under heavy load (Crysis 3, GW2 etc) my CPU temps are in the mid to high 60's. Should I be worried about this ? Is it possible the evo 212 is installed incorrectly ? I've read lots of info on the Haswell processors and find lots of different answers. I should mention that at idle or standard web usage etc its at a solid 32*.. any help would be appreciated.
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  1. That seems fine to me, especially if the fans are set to quiet operation. Haswell runs hotter than most processors, due to the use of the TIM instead of a fluxless solder. Here is an article on the effects of using TIM:

    The temperatures are in a safe area until they get up into the high 80's or low 90's under load.
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    No temps are ok, and that cooler is not like top of the line, haswell just gets a bit hotter thats all.

    Those are nice temps really! i would GUARRANTEE almost a 90 deggrees if you would use stock lol.

    Atleast my 4770k does that.
  3. Awesome ! looks like I've done well on my first build.. unfortunately now I've got the building bug LOL my wallet will never be the same
  4. I'm really embarrassed but have to admit. What I was looking at was my GPU temp and not CPU.. my eyes aren't quite as sharp as they were 20 years ago.. anyway, my actual temps after running Crysis 3 etc is actually closer to 36-38 degrees for the CPU and 70 for the GPU.
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