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Hi everyone i was getting blue screens about a week ago so i decieded to reinstall windows. After a fresh install i began redownloding some of my old programs when i realized my hard drive was completely full, or at least i only had about 1g on my 500g hard drive that was usable.

I am not very knowledgable on how Hard drives work so i would appreciate any help into what may be wrong, thanks.
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  1. So do you have 499GB of programs installed? Or is the drive not at its full size?
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    Are you still getting BSOD (or other) after the fresh install? If the HD is over 3 years it's due for retirement (IMHO) and being nearly full is another indicator. Give some consideration to an SSD for the OS & frequently used programs and a large HDD (possibly external) for bulk storage.
  3. After the fresh install i dont have any programs or anything but i is still saying I only have 1g of usable space.

    And non i have not yet experienced a blue screen since the fresh install.
  4. What is the total size of the drive that windows is reporting?
  5. I can only tell you what I would do. That is to replace the HDD. I would recommend an SSD either 128GB or 256GB if you can afford it and a larger HDD for bulk storage. IMHO, it's just not worth the risk to stretch the life of a HDD.
  6. currently it says 28.1 GB free of 465 GB but i just clean installed windows (at least i think i did) I have not even put any programs on it since then.
  7. Must have just installed on a part of the drive the rest is unallocated. Check step 5 here
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