R9 290X paired with an FX8350.

I am going to be building me a $1500 desktop with monitor. I have the choice between a 4670k or an FX8350.

My question is, what would be the downsides of going AMD platform wise? Will the PCIE2 bottleneck the 290x? Would you personally pair such a high tier card with an older CPU?
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  1. The downside of an 8350 is a lower ipc and higher tdp. PCIE 2.0x16 is basically the same as PCIE 3.0 x8 so no. Personally, I'd get whatever is the best I can get for my money.
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    no significant difference between PCIE 2.0 and 3.0 indeed, about fx 8350 or 4670k!!! Both are great cpus, I went with fx 8350 personally, for obvious reasons, like this cpu is the back bone of next gen consoles and more games are using mutithreads these days, like crysis 3, and that's why fx 8350 matches 3770k in this game...It's a personal choice really, both cpus are great and go neck to neck a piece of advice there are some nutrious Intel fanboys' sites like Tomshardware and abstain from their benchmarks and one amd fanboy's site teksyndicate my recommendation is this site, they seem to be to some extent honest, and favor intel less, but again not completely honest.
  3. i totaly agree wirth dark here. the money u safe from an intel could be invested into a corair h80i or sth to get urself an higher oc-potential and cooling solution
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