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HI I have 200$ to spend to upgrade my computer and i would like more gaming performance. Right now I have an i5 2320 , 4gb ram ,a radeon 6570 . THe problem with the system is it also has a 220 watt psu. Whats the best i can can get for 200$ cost of vid card and psu
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  1. Computer specs please.
  2. i5 2320
    4gb ram
    220watt psu
    6570 radeon
  3. Is this branded or custom built?
  4. branded by gateway
  5. What model?
  6. I dont have access to it right now because im not at home but those are the basic specs of it im just looking to see what i can do to squeeze a little more performance out of it
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    It all depends on what size type PSU your computer holds and what the motherboard you have , without that info we can't offer suggestions that will be accurate.
  8. i will make another pst then when i get home
  9. Great idea.
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